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26 February 2010 @ 04:19 pm
Hi! I'm Emma or em_dilem (obviously) and if you weren't directed here by my post in my graphics/fic community will_of_a_wisp then you're probably wondering what the hell this community is. This community is my way of not flooding fandom_picspams with my West Wing picspams. Not that that had stopped me before, but I wanted to make a special community for this project that I embarking on and I thought that by making and maintaining a community, it would motivate me. My project is to, by at least this time next year, have made a picspam, with no less than thirty screencaps a-piece, of every episode of Aaron Sorkin's "The West Wing"

Yes, I am insane.

This will be my constant this year, as last year, for the majority of the year, I was sick. It was what I'd always fall back on, obviously making me even worse, and I do not, under any circumstances want that to happen again.

So, please enjoy, comment and for the love of God, please, please please pretty please with Joshua Lyman on top, do not re-post these on fan-pop/tumblr.

Speaking-of, my unhealthy obsession with Ainsley Hayes lead me to change my tumblr URL to blamingitonthebossanova where I usually end up spamming dashboards with beautiful women and whatever episode of whatever I'm watching (usually The West Wing) at the time.

Anyway, enjoy! :D
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